Rated Voltage 110/230v
Frequency 60/50Hz
Rated Input Power 2200W
No-Load Speed 1400 r/min
Drill Capacity 65mm
QTY For Carton 1PC
Carton Size 0.71×0.17×0.31m

Accessories: a side handle, a while guard,a pair of carbon brush,a usebook.
1. the side handle can be rotated 360°around the tool, to make more convenient performance.
2. with adjustable guide ruler, to guarantee the precision of drilling depth.
3. fitting human engineering design of the soft griping handle, to approve more amenity.
4. with impactive button on the side of the tool, to distinguish impact, hammer and drill junction.
Tips:the listed detail of configuration are available, depending on your favor.
Case color, motor power, enameled wire material, etc.